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Article: Earth Day 2022 - Invest In Our Planet

Earth Day 2022 - Invest In Our Planet

Earth Day 2022 - Invest In Our Planet

Flow Sustainably

Here at Flow, we celebrate Earth Day today and everyday as our core values and our products have been purposefully built around sustainability. From our organizational practices to our packaging, we hold ourselves accountable to every aspect of our environmental footprint.

Our products are consciously manufactured in a LEED Silver Certified production facility, ensuring hair and planet protection. In addition, Flow’s minimalist assortment is strategically concise and delivers multi-use products that ensure each bottle is packed with benefits and designed with purpose.

This year, the theme of Earth Day is ‘Invest In Our Planet’ (, which is so fitting- isn’t it?

With the rise of online purchasing, 76% of online beauty shoppers are searching for sustainable options. This means more and more people are realizing they can make a difference to the planet through the products that they choose.

We couldn’t be happier with this new and rising trend.

Get to know the Flow difference and hop on the sustainable beauty product train! Our top selling products for 2022 will change the way your hair looks and feels – while also being kind to this great planet of ours:

  1. instantINTENSITY 30 Second Restorative Treatment: 

instantINTENSITY 30 Second Treatment, 5 fl oz bottle

A deep penetrating conditioning treatment that works immediately to deliver nourishing moisture and restore radiant manageability. Your hair will feel weightlessly refreshed and just 30 Seconds!

  1. zeroFRICTION Detangling Treatment 
zeroFRICTION Detangling Treatment, 3.2 fl oz bottle

This detangling Treatment is a pre-styling must have for all hair types! This super lightweight formula instantly hydrates, releases tangles and enhances shine.

  1. radiantARMOUR Heat Protect Spray

radiantARMOR Heat Protect Spray, 3.2 fl oz bottle

Heat Protect Spray provides natural looking shine and lightweight body as it protects the hair against the damaging effects of hot tool styling, without feeling sticky. Always protect before you perfect!

  1. aquaOASIS Cleanse + Conditioner

aquaOASIS Hydrating Cleanse, 10 fl oz bottleaquaOASIS Hydrating Conditioner, 10 fl oz bottle

Our Hydrating Cleanse provides immediate lightweight hydration, brilliance, and bounce to the hair as it gently cleanses the hair and scalp while also protecting against color fade. 

The Hydrating Conditioner deeply moisturizes the hair and scalp while revitalizing shine, bounce and lightweight manageability. Helps to protect against color fade.  

  1. ROOT REBOOT Texture & Root Refresher

ROOT REBOOT Texture & Root Refresher Spray, 8 fl oz bottle

This Refresher Spray is two products in one! First, it can be used as a lightweight, multi-functional root spray to add volume and texture as you build your style. Second, ROOT REBOOT doubles as a DRY SHAMPOO. It's fast-acting, clear and oil-absorbing formula is the perfect next-day refresh for your hair in between washes.