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Ready to take your hair to the next level? It all begins with flow™. The secret to the flow™ experience lies within the word's first dynamic technology system that we call H5 ARCHITECTURE™. 

H5 ARCHITECTURE is a system of 5 unique technologies that work together to deliver concentrated treatment, radiant shine and weightless movement to the hair. Leaving it feeling luxuriously manageable and noticeably nourished. 

The groundbreaking performance of H5 ARCHITECTURE is made possible because of our very own naturally sourced and pharmaceutically purified HYALINE WATER™.

HYALINE WATER exponentially accelerates how our products work because we do not need to include any unnecessary ingredients to offset water impurities that can weigh hair down or get in the way of product performance. It also means that the ingredients we do use are able to work at their maximum benefit potential, providing more of the good stuff, directly to the hair and scalp.

With HYALINE WATER at its core, the H5 ARCHITECTURE system then incorporates 4 PRECISION INFUSION TECHNOLOGIES. Each customized infusion contains a unique blend of powerhouse Natural Plant Extracts and are designed to restore, protect, clarify, and provide control. Combined, they work together to deeply hydrate, protect color, improve resilience and enhance hair quality immediately and over time. 

H5 ARCHITECTURE is featured in every flow™ product. That means the more products you use, the more your hair and scalp will benefit - instantly, weightlessly, and with unrivaled intensity.